What Is Wainscoting Choice Install at Wall

Jul 28th

What is wainscoting panels give the appearance of tongue and groove wood with a fraction of the effort. Builders frequently use as siding to protect walls in high traffic areas. The grain pattern can be accentuated for otherwise monotonous sections of a room, breaking uninterrupted surfaces with subtle texture. Beadboard is fine and requires support to avoid deformations. It should always be installed over existing drywall. Beadboard MDF has facilitated the installation wainscoting walls that traditional wainscoting.

Traditional beadboard is installed on several small strips, while what is wainscoting MDF can be installed on large sheets that are easily glued and nailed in place. Most owners can install MDF wainscoting when they learn where to start. Remove the existing trim and skirting boards from the room with a hammer and lever bar. Remove carefully to avoid cracking or breaking the trim. Fix the side molding to reinstall after installing the wainscoting. Disconnect the power to the room. Carefully unscrew the output and the light switch plates from the electrical outlets. Fix the plates aside to reinstall. Look for studs on the wall with a stud locator.

Mark the wall where the posts are located with a pencil. Decide how high the beadboard is to be install on the wall. Measurement wall with a tape measure. Mark the height of the wainscoting on the wall with a pencil. Place 1/4 inch MDF wainscoting back-up panel on the floor or a work table. Measure the size wainscoting panel. Cut the beadboard with a saw table. Place the wainscoting on the saw and run it through the saw in the marked measurements. Cut spaces for electrical outlets with a jigsaw. Start the reciprocating saw by drilling a small hole in the corner of the opening. Once the hole, place the jigsaw in the beadboard and finished cutting the hole.

Apply adhesive panels on the back of the MDF wainscoting in an “S” pattern. Place the panels on the wall and apply pressure to the panel. Allow a 1/4 inch gap between the panels and the floor to allow expansion. Use wooden wedges to keep the siding in place above the floor until you nail it in place. Nail the liner in place with a nail gun. Nail the panels to the marked posts where possible. Install a rail of the chair over the MDF wainscoting. Cut the corner pieces into a miter saw assembly at a 45-degree angle. Key the rail of the chair in place on what is wainscoting with a nail gun. Re-install the base molding to the back of the room.

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