Cool Bedrooms for Teen Years Old

Sep 10th

The best teen cool bedrooms ideas provide a balance between fun and function to create a private space that suits a teenager’s unique needs. Most teens need a place to retreat. So it is important that the room design is comfortable, functional and compatible with their preferences. The “cool” part of the design uses funky colors and materials that give a youthful feeling in style. Loft bed; ceiling beds are space-saving items that look like a bunk bed with the bottom bunk removed. Bright paint over the bed frame makes the piece not only functional, but decorative.

For example, shiny red paint with yellow dots adds a cheerful accent to a clean silhouette. Flat black lacquer with stone-colored white skulls adds a gothic accent. The loft bed provides room for a desk, storage or seating area. A desk and chair to the back with bookshelves on each side make the area a cozy study hook. Garment racks hidden under the bed loft with long curtains hanging over the poles create an additional closet space. A couch to the back with a coffee table in front swings the area into a social space to hang out. Media cabinet; Help increase the odds of a clean bedroom with a small media cabinet in the teenager’s room. A media cabinet helps to conceal wires and offers a place.

In addition to the floor, to store games and DVD. A TV, stereo, game console and related accessories can fit into the play, making it easier to keep the room organized. While most media cabinets are available in gloomy black or tacky faux wood, they do not have to hold that color. White zebra stripes painted over the black spin closet from gloom to funky. Jade and grassy stripes painted over the woods turn the closet from tacky to trendy. Seating; add suitable space to a teenager in her cool bedrooms to turn the private area into a place to entertain friends. You do not have to worry if the room is small. That’s where beanbags and pillows come in handy.

Soft beanbag chairs and overstuffed pillows on the floor provide a comfortable area for friends to gather and play a game or watch movies. When friends leave, you can stack beanbags and pillows in a corner to get them out of the way. High shelves; a teen’s cool bedrooms can never have enough storage space. So it’s important to take advantage of all available space in the room. An area that is usually overlooked is the upper walls. A shelf that covers all four walls and is placed 1 or 2 feet under the roof gives plenty of room for small things. A high shelf can show trophies, prices, pictures and books in the open. Or it can display decorative boxes filled with things to keep the area looking crisp and stylish.

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