Chandelier Table Lamp Ideas

May 29th

If you are tired of buying in the retail chandelier table lamp, consider making your own. The parts for a table lamp will not bust your wallet, and you can reuse or reuse household items or hardware remnants from other projects to make delicious and original table lamps. With some ingenuity, a bland can become a creative lighting source for your home.


Screw the 1 foot long section of copper pipe into the copper pipe flange. These flanges are flat, heavy and round and have a hole to screw in the tube in the middle. They are usually used for the connection pipe to planar surfaces table lamp. Make sure the copper pipe fits well in the flange — pick up the mounting of the tube and shake vigorously. It should not be litigant or noise. You can pick up copper pipes and flanges at your local iron trade. Plug in the plug at the end of your light outlet cord at the top of the tube. Slide down through the tube and out through the bottom of the flange. As you sit down in the congregation, it will lean aside due to the cord. Locate one of the screw holes in your flange — cut the edge of the flange with your pipe mills, creating a curve that includes one of the screw holes.

The wire should fit in this curve and allow collection to be flat. Press the light on the top of the copper pipe firmly in the tube — approximately the chandelier lamp of the socket should be visible above the edge of the copper pipe. Remove the socket from the tube, run a string of glue around the inner edge of the tube and replace the socket in the tube. The glue should put for an hour. Screw your light bulb into the light socket and plug in your lamp. If you like this industrial look, increase it with the help of a light bulb globe light, a chandelier flicker bulb or a UN frosted lamp so you can see the threads.

Tips and warnings

Versions of this project include salad bowls or vases with holes drilled in the bottom. Hang the socket up and down and you have a large-scale projector. Drill a hole in the side of a ceramic coffee mug for the pulled wire and you have a whimsical desk lamp. Pull the cord down through a cleaned and drilled cognac lamp, terracotta pot with holes drilled in the sides, or plate cavity with whole design. You can also use Bunsen burner stands and close holders incense to keep your bulbs.

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