Installing Chandelier Ceiling Fan

Aug 8th

A chandelier ceiling fan can add an attractive focal point to a room already decorated with antiques or in a shabby chic style. It can also serve as a creative gift for someone who loves the look of decor from a distance far away. Fabrics Tear Victorian prints are ideal in lamp creation, or rather rebuilding, and many lamps are made of articles found around the house and at your local economy store.


Buy a lampshade that is flat and free from texture constructions. Bet on white or off white when possible. You can find a variety of lamp ceiling fan at many economy stores, but for a plain and simple blank cloth to work with, pick up a shade at your local craft or fabric store. Spread the newspaper or slender paper on a flat, hard surface like a craft table or wooden floor. Roll the lampshade over the newspaper; track a line of pencil as you go. Do this by placing the shadow s seam downward and rolling to the left until the seam turns upwards. Repeat to the right. Your final result should be an outlined arch width of the shadow. Add 1-inch finish on all sides of the shadow tracking, which will later act as a cap and patch for the final shade.

Cut out the pattern you have now created on the magazine and pin it to a piece of vintage-style fabric. Flowers, polka dots, pastel stripes and gingham make all excellent vintage fabrics. If you are unclear what will look great, bring a selection of colors that already surround the area where the lamp will be placed and ask a fabric store broker to display “shabby chic” or “vintage” print fabric that matches. Cover the entire outside of the lampshade with spray glue, or apply glue with a brush. The even fabric (which should be cut to match your pattern) over the shadow, beginning at the seam. Plate as you goes to avoid bubbles or wrinkles.

Tips and warning

Fold over the top and bottom of the tablecloth (it should be about 1/2 inch on both ends) and tuck inside the shade. Secure with a strong adhesive to create a “home” at both ends. Add tassels, buttons, sequins, faux jewels and anything else you can dream up to complete the vintage look of the shadow. Buy an off-white or pastel lamp from an economy store. Try to find one that is curved in shape or has some form of etching on it. Attach your new shadow to this lamp, and your vintage shade is ready. Remember, you can also paint or add the fabric to the base lamp if you cannot find what you’re looking for in the store.Can you add a chandelier to a ceiling fan,

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