Chandelier Floor Lamp Ideas

Sep 8th

Indoor home chandelier floor lamp use standard electrical hardware and a 120 volt power cord for wiring. Switching an old floor lamp can revive an old fixture. All parts needed for the project are typically available on hardware and electrical delivery stores. As with all electrical wiring projects, follow all safety precautions when connecting the cables to the lamp socket. Buy a power cord for a long time to extend the lamp’s posts with enough left over to reach the wall outlet where you want to place the lamp.


Disconnect the current power cord from the wall socket. Unscrew bulb and remove lamp shade. Loosen the screw in the side of the lamp holder where it attaches the top of the lamp post. Pulling the jacket took the post. Push the metal collar out of the socket and remove the tube insulator below to expose the two cables connected to the socket with screws. Loosen the two screws with a screwdriver to remove the cables from the old outlet. Note which wire is connected to which screw as a support for switching in the new socket. Pull out the power cord from the lamp pole from the base of the lamp.

Insert the new power cord through the hole in the bottom of the lamp and screw the two cables at the end into the bottom of the lamp post. Slide the cord gradually through the lamp post until the two cables at the end dive through the top of the post. Remove 1/2 inch of insulation from each wire with wire strips. Wrap a wire around its corresponding screw terminal on the new G-socket and tighten each screw. Slide the insulator tube over wires and slide the metal collar over the insulator tube. Lower the new socket on the top of the lamp post and attach it by tightening the screws on the side of the socket. Screw a new bulb and replace the lamp before shutting the power cord into a wall outlet.

Fence Pole into a Floor Lamp

It may look like a fence post for you, but a floor lamp is that piece of wood, and you can make it have at least three lights. If you like rustic, ridden out, used goods, and then a fence post that stood in the rain for a few years will fit the bill fine. Add some decorations, one or two feet of wire, a bass and some creative extras and you have a one-of-a-kind lamp that looks like a million dollars and costs almost nothing.

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